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August 7, 2017
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Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering is really a area that mixes learning classical Electrical Engineering disciplines within-depth preparation in Information Technology subjects. It makes sense an experienced problem solver who knows both software and hardware facets of computer systems and who are able to design and implement solutions on sides from the hardware/software interface. Computer engineers are utilized over the number of growing industries connected with communications, control, and signal processing and microelectronic fabrication: in the “smart grid” to “software defined radios” from intelligent vehicle systems to information to safeguard national and commercial clients from telecommunications to medical instrumentation from electronic devices to space-based systems from microprocessors to supercomputers to Audio players from the style of integrated circuits to growth and development of computer-vision abilities.

Our program provides students with challenging hands-on encounters via a broad and rigorous curriculum which includes contact with multiple programming languages and development tools within their software courses, practical labs featuring up-to-date equipment within their hardware courses, and coverage of these advanced areas as embedded systems design, digital signal processing, and software engineering. A lot of students take part in a senior-year Capstone project that culminates their training.

Major Needs

Students going after a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Engineering must complete the main Needs, too the overall Education Program (GEP) Needs setup through the College. The Pc Engineering degree offers two tracks: Electronic Systems and Communications. The Electronic Systems track concentrates on large electronic systems and systems. Students who focus on this track will emerge with experience of VLSI (very massive integrated) design and the style of prrr-rrrglable logic products, including FPGAs (fully prrr-rrrglable gate arrays). The Communications track concentrates on computer and electrical communications systems. Students who focus on this track will emerge with experience of the electromagnetic and signal processing techniques that are required to create these systems. Needs for each one of the Computer Engineering tracks are available inside the CMPE Four-Year Plan (pre 2014) or even the CMPE Four-Year Plan (2014 and then).

Combined Baloney/MS Program

Students who see Graduate School within their future can pick to join the combined B.S./ M.S. program, that will permit them to quickly develop a B.S. in Computer Engineering as well as an M.S. in Computer Engineering OR Electrical Engineering. For details about needs and recommendations, click here.

Satisfy the Students

Click the students’ photos to listen to what they say about existence like a Computer Engineering major at UMBC.


Contact the pc Engineering Undergraduate Program Director, Dr. Chuck LaBerge (

Computer Engineering Graduation Project Senior Year
Computer Engineering Graduation Project Senior Year ...
INFORMATIVE SPEECH over Computer Engineering
INFORMATIVE SPEECH over Computer Engineering
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