Computer Network Engineering Degree

March 9, 2022
Computer Engineering

Connect Degree Program

If you wish to use local and wide area computer systems, the pc Network Engineering Technology degree will help you prepare to go in this thrilling area. Become familiar with fundamental computer electronic theory: to set up new computer equipment to function and program computer systems to correct computer electronic hardware and also to install, maintain, and repair data communication systems.

The program is provided at Dover, Georgetown, and Wilmington Grounds.

You Skill

Within this program, you will get the understanding and abilities essential to get you prepared for positions for example:

  • Network managers or specialists for local, county, and condition agencies, banking institutions, companies, and companies
What You Should Earn
  • An aggressive beginning salary varying from $28Thousand to $33Thousand
  • If combined with 'cisco' Licensed Network Connect certificate, an aggressive beginning salary varying from $34Thousand to $38Thousand
What You Should Learn

Upon finishing your academic program, you'll have developed the next understanding and abilities:

Program Graduate Expertise

This Program Graduate Expertise the following find out the major learning goals associated with your particular program of study and find out the understanding and abilities you'll have whenever you graduate to become effective inside your selected area.

  1. Apply techniques, abilities, and use of technology advances of the network system engineering specialist.
  2. Apply analysis tools and problem-fixing techniques learned within the mathematics, computer, and electrical/electronic courses to trobleshoot and fix network problems and evaluate experiments.
  3. Identify and resolve network issues.
  4. Install, configure, administer, and trobleshoot and fix network services for file access and storage, web-content hosting, network communications, network gateways and proxies, and security services on networking servers.
  5. Design, install, configure, and operate wide area systems (WAN) and native area systems (LAN).
  6. Explain the functions and also the workings of common communications methods and just how such methods are produced by standards organizations.
Core Curriculum Expertise

The Main Curriculum Expertise the following identify that which you, being an connect degree graduate, will have the ability to do when completed of the degree, no matter your major. You'll acquire these core expertise using your general education courses (i.e. British, math, etc.) as well as your program of study courses.

  1. Communicate clearly and effectively both orally as well as in writing.
  2. Demonstrate effective problem fixing and reasoning abilities.
  3. Work efficiently in categories of individuals from diverse skills.
  4. Demonstrate ethical and professional understanding and conduct.
  5. Apply appropriate information literacy abilities to discover, evaluate and employ information effectively.
  6. Use computer systems appropriate towards the area.
  7. Use scientific and mathematical reasoning appropriate towards the technology.
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