Northeastern University Computer Engineering

September 6, 2022
Global Experiences

boston9The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering provides the following graduate degree programs:

All levels could be went after on whether full- or part-time basis in conjuction with the particular residence needs for that levels. The curriculum includes regions of concentration within the following fields:

  • This concentration concentrates on growth and development of deterministic and stochastic methods and calculations for modeling, analysis, and style of communications, control, and signal processing programs. The primary regions of research strength within this concentration include communications, signal processing and robotics approaches for underwater deployment and related programs wireless communication, coding, and knowledge theory biomedical signal processing, record and adaptive signal processing, brain-computer interface, pattern recognition and machine learning robust, adaptive, and distributed control image and video processing, mobile and assistive robotics recognition, estimation and object monitoring, and knowledge visualization. Students within this concentration are trained for careers in wireless and mobile communications industry, programs of contemporary signal and image processing strategies to communications, control, imaging, radar, and sonar and style and analysis of robust and adaptive control systems.
  • Personal Computers and Software (CSYS)

    The Pc Systems and Software concentration prepares students for careers in an array of areas including microprocessor design and verification, embedded software and hardware development, performance analysis and modeling, advanced computer design and operating-system design. Training includes computer architecture, simulation and gratifaction evaluation, VLSI design, fault tolerant computing, os's and embedded design. Students will become familiar with the correct design and implementation of both software and hardware systems, including microprocessors and graphics processors, high end computing, computer-assisted design tools, CMOS design rules, synthesis, compilers, computer arithmetic, resilient computation, advanced logic design, os's, energy/performance analysis, hardware/software co-design.

  • Computer Systems and Security (CNWS)

    The Pc Systems and Security concentration prepares students for careers in an array of areas including wired/wireless network analysis and protocol design, sensor network design, and hardware and software security. Training includes network basic principles, wireless communications, mobile and wireless systems, computing devices security and software applications security. Students will become familiar with the correct design and look at wired/wireless systems, TCP/IP, Internet and OSI models, popular Internet programs (HTTP, SMPT, etc.), defensive and offensive methods to cybersecurity, adware and spyware/attack analysis and removal, side-funnel leakage, and hardware/software solidifying.

  • Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Calculations (CVLA)

    The Pc Vision, Machine Learning, and Calculations concentration prepares students for careers in an array of areas including vision systems, large data statistics and mining, vision/image processing, visualization systems and software, and general algorithmic methods to problem fixing. Training includes computer vision, algorithmic approaches, machine learning, pattern recognition, large data statistics and visualization. Students will study image motion and monitoring algorithmic fundamentals of robotics programs of parallel and performance calculations a persons visual system and visual cognition localization, mapping and navigation and clustering and regression analysis.

  • El born area is worried using the theory and programs connected using the starting, propagation, confinement, and charge of electromagnetic, acoustic, and optical wave fields, and also the study and programs from the interaction of these waves with matter. This concentration prepares students for careers in Radio wave and microwave engineering, antenna engineering, radar, sonar, wavefield imaging, remote realizing, optics, photonics, acoustics, magnetics, sensors, as well as their programs in biomedical electronics, optical fiber and wireless communications, geophysical exploration, radioastronomy, and nanotechnology which depend around the analysis, design, and usage of wave-based systems and components. Students concentrating in this region take courses covering theory and programs of electromagnetics, acoustics, optics, magnetism, modern imaging, photonic products, biomedical optics, and microwave circuit design.
  • Students within the Microsystems, Materials, and Products concentration will become familiar with fundamental ideas, design approaches, fabrication techniques, and measurement approaches for programs in high end and miniaturized realizing platforms, wireless products, biochips, energy cropping products, bio sensors, and other emerging items with electronic components. Students thinking about careers in the market may use standard simulation software equipment and tools. They may also take part in research centered on magnetic, ferroelectric and magnetoelectric materials design and fabrication of micro/nano electromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS) products style of analog, rf, digital and mixed-signal integrated circuits and occasional-energy very-large-scale integration (VLSI).
  • This concentration covers areas associated with safe and effective operation of electrical transmission and distribution systems in addition to design, modeling, and charge of energy converters and alternative energy systems. Training includes energy system analysis, unbalanced operation, energy electronics, sustainable energy, electric drives, advanced energy electronics, and electric machines. Students will learn to model...
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