Computer Science and Software Engineering

March 5, 2022
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College Square Campus, Luton

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Course Summary

Information technology and software engineering are central to the prosperity of a lot of today’s industrial and commercial activities, which course shares its newbie with many other relevant BSc levels, after which provides the chance for specialist study within the second and third stages.

Particular emphasis is defined on researching the whole software development existence cycle and producing top quality systems using object-oriented techniques.

You will get detailed understanding of areas for example internet programming, database programs, artificial intelligence as well as networking, after finishing your final stage project you might have the opportunity to undertake further advanced research.

Choose Information Technology &lifier Software Engineering BSc (Hons) degree at Bedfordshire and:

  • Find out about the entire software development existence cycle and producing top quality systems using object-oriented techniques
  • Study with committed, like-minded students in devoted labs and classes
  • Build up your professionalism while you pick the profession you want to consider
  • Gain detailed understanding of areas for example internet programming, database programs, artificial intelligence as well as networking
  • Explore the highly searched for-after practical abilities you will have to create a success of the career
  • Challenge yourself having a final stage project which will allow you to review your specialism in greater depth
  • Take advantage of teaching by staff who've a powerful academic research skills and are generally positively involved in understanding transfer

Why choose this program?

  • Broadly based yet enough depth (programming abilities, testing abilities etc.) in order to provide you with credible vocational abilities both in Information Technology and Software Engineering
  • Coverage from the entire Software Engineering lifecycle and comprehensive abilities in applied programming as well as in applied Information Technology subjects
  • Trained by staff with a powerful academic research background who're also positively involved in understanding transfer (e.g. to local SME's), and who're the main thing on their area
  • Focus on the lifecycle but additionally thorough abilities for example programming and analysis.

My ABC work positioning computing project involved the look and implementation of the guaranteed dynamic web system. It used numerous scripting languages and web authoring tools in addition to a database system. We needed to develop web forms and cascading down style sheets files also it needed to come with an edit work as well. Controlling user needs would be a challenge as a few of these transformed through the design/implementation phases -we could apply Agile techniques. We met our challenges and also the web application was released promptly.

The ABC plan permitted me to show my competence and abilities inside a work setting and elevated my professionalism especially in relation to meeting due dates in addition to regular communication with stakeholders and also the relaxation from the team.

Daniel Fleming



The kinds of assessment used varies from laboratory practical work that analyzes the sensible use of understanding and ideas acquired in lectures and workshops, as well as from learning acquired throughout self-study to internet based checks and formal written exams in addition to dental presentations.

Course Learning Final results

Upon effective completing this program you need to have the ability to:

LO1: Comprehend the role of typical commercial development tools and comparative systems utilized in both information technology and software engineering configurations and significantly understand the role from the object oriented paradigm in framework using these power tools

LO2: Understand and significantly assess the problems and constraints operating within massive software engineering and information technology projects such as the role of standards, techniques and tools

LO3: Significantly assess the techniques and tools presently utilized in software engineering and information technology and understand the role of future trends and platforms (for example mobile)

LO4: Significantly understand the constraints operating inside a typical software development lifecycle and identify solutions (reqs. engineering techniques, analysis and style tools, implementation, testing, publish-release)

LO5: Work efficiently and understand the role of working inside a software team and also to have the ability to explain the circumstances essential for effective team working

LO6: Communicate your opinions in writing and orally based on appropriate academic or professional standards

LO7: Evaluate why and when you'll need information, think it is, use and communicate it within an ethical manner inside the context laptop or computer science and software engineering

LO8: Research and evaluate information from numerous sources

LO9: Apply informal and formal creativeness and demanding thinking approaches to the answer of problems.

Exterior Benchmarking

College of Bedfordshire Level descriptors relevant QAA Subject Benchmarks.

Student support

Throughout the induction and PPAD you will see a number of tests made to identify the requirement for any specialist support (e.g., dyslexia). If recognized, students is going to be known towards the College of Bedfordshire Disability Support Unit.

A lot of students are based on induction periods at the beginning of every year, by personal and project tutors, by academic advice periods by devoted tech support team staff.

Student support is supplied on the formal basis through the personal tutor system as well as in practical periods in addition to informal support in using Blackboard Virtual Learning Atmosphere. The College offers general help for learning abilities through centralized support tutor system in addition to academic British models mainly for Worldwide students.

A lot of students undertake Computer Aided Diagnostic assessment. The outcomes of these diagnostics enable a customized program to deal with individual learning needs in fundamental mathematical or language abilities. Academic advice is supplied both at area level at Corporate level.

Students might be needed, in the discretion from the Course Leader, to endure diagnostic testing for academic British language capabilities, and could further be needed, in the Course Leaders discretion, to sign up in academic British support training courses or classes laid on through the College

Career Management Abilities

This forms a regular thread advancing through every year with possibilities of engaging with industrial and business projects or through engagement within a company throughout a sandwich year positioning. Students may also be urged to interact using the Careers Development unit (Job Shop) to be able to measure the abilities they possess against positions inside the market. Any abilities inadequacies may then be recognized and students can start to deal with these to be able to progress for their selected career.

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