Best Electronics Engineering Schools

August 18, 2020
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5. ETH Zurich

department of knowledge Technology and Electrical Engineering places a powerful focus on biomedical engineering research, concentrating on imaging technology and neural information processing. Other key areas include integrated systems, millimetre-wave electronics, electromagnetic fields and microwave electronics, automatic control, neuroinformatics and-energy electronic systems.

6. College of Oxford

In the College of Oxford, the appropriate department is entitled Electrical and Opto-electronic Engineering, reflecting a powerful research concentrate on optics-related subjects. Research groups are presently employed in areas of optical communications, dynamic optics and photonics, microelectronic circuits and analogue products, electrical energy, communications, nano science and checking optical microscopy.

7. College of California, La (UCLA)

electrical engineering department identifies three primary strands of research: circuits and embedded systems, physical and wave electronics, and signals and systems. With these broad areas, almost 40 different research groups are operating, concentrating on subjects varying from speech processing and auditory perception to autonomous automobiles systems and instrumentation.

8. Imperial College London

In the United kingdom at Imperial College London, scientific studies are organized into five areas: circuits and systems, control and energy, optical and semiconductor products, communications and signal processing, and intelligent systems and systems.

9. Harvard College

school of electrical engineering places a powerful focus on interdisciplinary research, especially in the regions of applied mathematics, applied physics, information technology and bioengineering. Good examples of interdisciplinary studies include quantum circuits design, optimal NMR spectroscopy using quantum control, signal processing for fast nanopore DNA sequencing, ultrafast plastic transceivers design using stochastic resonance and Casimir pressure generation using MEMS products.

10. National College of Singapore (NUS)

Finally, Singapore’s flagship college joins ETH Zurich because the second non-US/United kingdom college to create this top ten. At Faculty of Electrical &lifier Computer Engineering, major research areas are: communications and systems control, intelligent systems and robotics integrated circuits and embedded systems microelectronic technologies and products microwave and rf energy and systems signal processing and new media.

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