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August 30, 2022
Of Electronic Engineering

Mil Spec BNC to Banana Jack connectorMeaning of Engineering Phrases

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Backbone. A higher traffic connectivity part of any communications network. In packet-switched systems, a principal forward direction path tracked sequentially through several major relay or switching stations. In packet-switched systems, a backbone consists mainly of switches and inter-switch trunks. Also make reference to the dictionary of Network Topologies.

Background Noise. The entire system noise even without the an indication [information transmission].

Backplane. A circuit card that consists of several fittings of the identical type that are connected together via discrete wires or copper traces around the circuit board to create an interface bus, which enables it's to talk with one another. Backplanes.

19 Slot VME Backplane

Back Resistance. The bigger resistance value observed when you're examining the resistance of the semiconductor.

Back Spend. The trunk part of a connector.

Find out more regarding Back Spend Definition.

Bad Block / Bad Sector. A place on the hard drive that's broken or detected as hard to rely on.

Balance. In electrical circuits and systems, to regulate the impedance to attain specific objectives, for example to achieve specified return loss objectives in a hybrid junction of two-wire and 4-wire circuits.

Balanced Amplifier. A guitar amp with two identical branches linked to be employed in opposite phase, using their input and results connections balanced to ground. A Push-Pull Amplifier. A guitar amp getting one output is recognized as balanced once the quiescent Electricity output current is reduced to zero or perhaps a specified level. A guitar amp getting two results is recognized as balanced once the distinction between the quiescent Electricity output currents is reduced to zero or perhaps a specified level.

Balanced Attenuator. An attenuator which utilizes resistance elements both in sides from the line. Make reference to the Resistor Attenuator page for any schematic of most of the various kinds of balanced attenuators.

Balanced Bridge. A bridge circuit modified to make a zero output.

Balanced Circuit. See Balanced Line.

Balanced Code. In PCM systems, a code built to ensure that the regularity spectrum caused by the transmission associated with a code word doesn't have Electricity component. A code which has a finite digital sum variation [PCM]. Numerous additional terms are associated, make use of the search bar, below right, to obtain the correct definition.

Balanced Line. A cable or circuit getting two identical conductors with similar electromagnetic qualities with regards to other conductors and also to ground, as with a set of conductors. A twisted pair line

A transmission line composed of two conductors in the existence of ground, able to be operated to ensure that once the currents of these two conductors whatsoever transverse planes are equal in magnitude and opposite in polarity regarding ground, the power within the two conductors are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. Also make reference to the Detailed Twisted-Pair definition

Balanced Mixer. A circuit or device that creates the sum and difference wavelengths of two input signals. Radio wave Mixer Producers

Balanced Phase Detector. A circuit that controls the oscillator frequency. An associated subject includes Radio wave Phase Detector Producers. Also make reference to Automatic Frequency Control [AFC].

Ballast. A tool or component accustomed to stabilize current flow, as with a Ballast Resistor.

Ballast Resistor. A resistor accustomed to make amends for fluctuations within an AC energy line. A resistor connected in series to soak up small alterations in applied current to stabilize the present.

Balun. An acronym for Balanced/Unbalanced. A tool accustomed to couple a well-balanced system for an not-balanced system. Find out more Balun Definition. A balancing transformer. Also see Radio wave Transformer Producers.

Blueberry Jack. A kind of female connector or receptacle that accepts a Blueberry plug. The Blueberry Jack might be men on a single finish along with a female alternatively finish, or perhaps a different style connector. Find out more on Blueberry Jack Definition.

Symbol of current flow in a transistor BNC to Blueberry Plug

Blueberry Plug. A connector using the male-finish utilizing a Blueberry formed, spring metal tip, supplying a compression squeeze into a blueberry jack.

Band-Elimination Filter. Same meaning like a Band-Reject Filter.

BandGap Reference. A kind of current reference.

Bandpass Amplifier. A guitar amp stage design to pass through a variety of wavelengths. Make reference to an energetic Band-Pass Filter utilizing an Op-Amplifier.

Bandpass Filter. A filter that enables a narrow gang of wavelengths to feed the circuit. Rejects or attenuates wavelengths which are either greater or less than the preferred gang of wavelengths. A filter that ideally passes all wavelengths between two non-zero finite limits and bars all wavelengths not inside the limits. The cutoff wavelengths are usually taken is the 3-dB points.

Band-Reject Filter. A updated circuit that doesn't pass a particular gang of wavelengths. Make reference to the entry on Passive Filters. A filter that attenuates, usually to really low levels, all wavelengths between two nonzero, finite limits and passes all wavelengths not inside the limits.

Band-Stop Filter. Just like a Band-reject Filter.

Bandwidth. The width of the communication funnel, measured as frequency. The main difference between your greatest functional frequency of the device (upper frequency limit) and also the cheapest functional frequency from the device (lower frequency limit) - measured in the half-energy points. The main difference between your restricting wavelengths within which performance of the device, according with a characteristic, falls within specified limits. The main difference between your restricting wavelengths of the continuous frequency band. The capability of the telecom line to hold signals. The required bandwidth is the quantity of spectrum needed to deliver the signal without distortion or lack of information.

Bank. Numerous products of the identical kind.

Bare Conductor. A conductor not engrossed in insulation material.

Barretter. A kind of bolometer indicated by a rise in resistance because the dissipated energy increases. A Thermistor.

Base. A reference value. Several that's increased alone as numerous occasions as shown by an exponent. Just like radix. The location between your emitter and collector of the transistor that receives minority service providers injected in the emitter. The aspect in a transistor that controls the flow of current service providers. The element that matches the control power grid of the electron tube.

Transistor Base

Base-Injection Modulator. Much like a vacuum tube control-power grid modulator. The gain of the transistor is varied by altering the prejudice on its base. See Base-Injection AM Modulator for any description.

Fundamental. Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code, a non-graphical programming language. Also make reference to a brief illustration of Hewlett packard Fundamental.

Bass. Sounds within the lower finish from the audio frequency range.

Bass Control. A passive circuit accustomed to attenuate wavelengths within the greater audio ranges. Make reference to Base Control Schematic.

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