Electronic Computer Engineering

September 19, 2022
Electronics and Computer

electronics-ect_emst_l4l2371As industries be automated and society gets to be more determined by electronic data communication, the demand increases for experts who could make informed choices according to technical understanding and experience. That's why the Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology (ECET) program at Bowling Eco-friendly Condition College has this type of progressive curriculum.

Electronics and Computer Engineering Technologies are an extensive study of diverse areas for example: Computing Devices and Interfacing, Computer-Based Instrumentation and Process Control, Digital Communication as well as networking, and Electric Motors and Controls.

Whenever you attend BGSU you'll have hands-on possibilities to understand the significant of real life data communication and control systems. Students can take part in activities associated with the Falcon BEST Robotics, that is a robotics competition available to middle and secondary school teams. Students may also be active in the student portion of Worldwide Society of Automation (ISA).

Career Possibilities

ECET graduates go onto careers for example Domestic Electricians, Network Engineers, Project Managers, EMS/SCADA Experts, Research Affiliates, Engineering Specialists, Manufacturing Superintendents, Senior Sales Engineers, Automation Experts and Electronic Design Engineers.


  • Computer engineering technology as well as networking
  • Computer-based instrumentation and process control
  • Cooperative experience
  • Scholarship grants offered by ISA
  • Professional associations
  • 2 + 2 transfer students

Certification or Licensure

The Bs degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology (ECET) is known as a "professional degree" that qualifies for experience/education credit toward Ohio Professional Engineering (PE) Licensure. Graduates from BGSU's ETAC ABET-accredited ECET program or individuals presently signed up for their final two semesters may sign up for the Basic principles in Engineering (Further ed) exam.

To entitled to the PE exam in Ohio you will have to pass the Further ed exam first. Graduates of ETAC-ABET accredited engineering technology programs should have completed eight many years of acceptable engineering experience before passing the PE examination and acquiring registration.

Program Educational Objectives

Program Educational Objective 1:

The Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology program prepares exemplary electronic and computer engineering technology experts who are problem solvers within the regions of instrumentation and process control, communications and computer networking, computer systems, electric machinery and energy systems, and alternative energy.

Program Educational Objective 2:

This program will prepare graduates to operate as effective employees and team people and also to possess appropriate dental and written communication skill.

Program Educational Objective 3:

This program will prepare graduates to value their profession and also to recognize the worldwide impacts of the profession on society. They'll recognize their professional have to advance within their careers and continue their professional development.

Student Final results

Eleven learned abilities of scholars within the Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology program are occur the list below of student final results:

a. the capability to choose and use the understanding, techniques, abilities and technology advances from the discipline of Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology

b. the capability to choose and use a understanding of mathematics, science, engineering, and technology to Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology issues that require the use of concepts and applied methods or methods

c. the capability to conduct standard tests and dimensions to conduct, evaluate, and interpret experiments and also to apply experimental leads to improve processes

d. the capability to create systems, components, or approaches for Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology problems appropriate to program educational objectives

e. the capability to operate effectively like a member or leader on the technical team

f. the capability to recognize, evaluate, and solve Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology problems

g. the capability to use written, dental, and graphical communication both in technical and nontechnical conditions as well as an capability to identify and employ appropriate technical literature

h. an awareness of the requirement for as well as an ability to take part in self-directed ongoing professional development

i. an awareness of along with a dedication to address professional and ethical duties together with a respect for diversity

j. a understanding from the impact of Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology solutions inside a social and global context and

k. dedication to quality, timeliness, and continuous improvement.

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Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology
Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology
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