Electronic Journal of Structural Engineering

September 14, 2022

Editor in Chief: Dr. Ing. Wei-Liang Jin

ISSN online: 1758-7336

ISSN print: 1758-7328

4 issues each year

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Structural engineering is generally considered a specialty within civil engineering, it includes any discipline with a structural system. This area includes case study, design, plan, and research of structural components and structural systems. IJStructE is to establish to report the appropriate generic studies within this area.

Subjects covered include

  • Analytical/design techniques
  • Blast engineering
  • Bridges, tall structures
  • Situation studies
  • Fire engineering
  • Infrastructure engineering
  • Innovative structures
  • Existence assessment/sturdiness
  • New construction materials
  • Repairs, strengthening, maintenance
  • Structure-fluid-soil interaction
  • Structural health monitoring, safety, reliability
  • Testing technologies
  • Vibration, impact/structural dynamics
  • Wind/earthquake engineering

More about this journal...


IJStructE seeks to offer an worldwide forum for research within the structural engineering. Particularly welcome are individuals latest rise in the idea, experimental and style method connect with engineering structures for example structures, bridges, offshore platforms, etc.


IJStructE supplies a vehicle to assist professionals, academics, and scientists employed in the area of structural engineering, to disseminate information and also to study from each other peoples work.


IJStructE puts out original papers, review papers, technical reviews, book reviews, commentaries, and news. Papers on theory, experiment, design, etc., are released which is expected that lots of papers contains facets of the 3. Special Issues dedicated to important subjects in structural engineering is going to be from time to time released.


Editor in Chief

  • Jin, Wei-Liang, Zhejiang College, China


Assistant Editor

  • Chen, Ju, Zhejiang College, China

Editorial Board People

  • Basheer, Muhammed, Queens College Belfast, United kingdom
  • Cai, C.S., Louisiana Condition College, USA
  • Cremona, Christian, Laboratoire Central Des Ponts Et Chaussees, France
  • Dong, Shi-Lin, Zhejiang College, China
  • Kim, Sang-Hyo, Yonsei College, Republic of Korea
  • Knippers, Jan, College of Stuttgart, Germany
  • Leung, C.K.Y., Hong Kong College of Science &lifier Technology, Hong Kong SAR, China
  • Li, Jie, Tongji College, China
  • Li, Lengthy-yuan, College of Plymouth, United kingdom
  • Lu, Yong, College of Edinburgh, United kingdom
  • Lv, Zhi-Tao, Southeast College, China
  • Melchers, Robert E, College of Newcastle, Australia
  • Mohammadi, Jamshid, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA
  • Nie, Jian-Guo, Tsinghua College, China
  • Ohmori, Hiroshi, Nagoya College, Japan
  • Ou, Jin-Ping, Dalian College of Technology, China
  • Teng, Jin-Guang, The Hong Kong Polytechnic College, Hong Kong SAR, China
  • Ueda, Tamon, Hokkaido College, Japan
  • Xiao, Yan, College of Los Angeles, USA
  • Yang, Yeong-Bin, Chongqing College, China
  • Yokota, Hiroshi, Hokkaido College, Japan

A couple of necessities for posting within this journal

  • Posted articles shouldn't happen to be formerly released or perhaps be presently in mind for publication elsewhere.
  • All of our content is refereed via a double-blind process.

Submission process

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