Electronics Engineering Jobs in India

December 22, 2021
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Electronic engineering, is definitely an engineering discipline where non-linear and active electrical components for example electron tubes, and semiconductor products, especially transistors, diodes and integrated circuits, are employed to design electronic circuits, devicesand systems, typically also including passive electrical components and according to printed circuit boards. The word denotes an extensive engineering area that covers important subfields for example analog electronics, digital electronics, electronic devices, embedded systems and energy electronics. Electronics engineering handles implementation of programs, concepts and calculations developed within many related fields.


India is among the quickest growing telecom marketplaces, that has been adding over nine million new customers every month within the immediate past. This produces a powerful chance space for electronics and telecommunication engineers. Graduates also provide vibrant positioning possibilities even just in the IT industry, in the hardware and software space.

India is proving itself to be a global class VLSI/Embedded systems hub. Electronics and Communication engineers of the high quality will find jobs with basic level packages of Rs. 3.5 – Rs. 4. lakhs per year ( with added specialty area with many Multinational Companies operating in India.

A lot of electronics and communication engineers could possibly get jobs in government organizations like MTNL, BSNL, Civil Aviation, NPL, AIR, Posts and Telegraph Department, Railways, Bharat Electronics Limited and DRDO, among many more.

Being an Electronic Engineer, basic level positions in Gov departments are by direct recruitment through ads in newspapers. Selection to Gazetted posts is thru competitive exams carried out by Union and Condition Public Service Commission.

Within the Defense services, youthful engineers start as Second Lieutenants. For selection in to the Defense Services – Indian Military, Indian Air pressure and also the Indian Navy, programs are asked through National Dailies..

Possibilities are multifold for Electronics and Telecommunication engineers. They're only restricted to one’s aptitude, training, and determination. Beginning having a minimum of Rs. 2.4 lakhs to Rs. 3.5 lakhs per year in the basic level, vibrant students can secure even greater packages with specialized learning specialized areas like Traveling with a laptop and VLSI Design.

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