Electronics projects ideas for Engineering Students

October 3, 2019
Detecting the Power Grid

Energy electronics projects, In the following paragraphs you're going to get fundamental ideas of energy electronics projects. I'll discuss fundamental level projects of energy electronics after which I'll move ahead towards semester level projects of energy electronics as well as their programs in industry. In the finish want to know , I provides you with ideas about energy electronics final year projects. Mostly final year students do energy electronics projects associated with inveters and UPS only. But you will find lots of fields of energy electronics that you could work for the final year project. Allows begin with question of why we want energy electronics and why it's acquired lots of recognition in last 20-3 decades.

power electronics projects ideas

Energy electronics acquired lots of recognition in last 20-3 decades since the demand to manage energy in one level one step further and from AC to Electricity form is growing daily. For instance In AC motor driver circuits we have to vary current and frequency to obtain variable speed for variable speed programs. Like smart inside your computer energy supply we want different degree of Electricity currents from single source 12V, 5V and 3V. Similarly you will find enormous use of energy electronics in AC motor drives, Electricity motor drives, HVDC, Electricity to Electricity converters, inverters, Details and UPS. you are able to focus on each one of these projects as the final year project. That's why need for energy electronics projects are growing daily.

What you ought to know before focusing on energy electronics projects :

Much like to obtain admission in engineering area in order to become an electric engineer you ought to have good command in mathematics. Similarly before selecting energy electronics project as the final year project, you ought to have background on following subjects or else you should focus on these subjects to accomplish any project effectively.

  • What's diode ? How diode works? How to pick diode for particular rating for the needed project?
  • what exactly are energy transistor, MOSFET and IGBTs? The way they work ? How to pick them for the project?
  • What's gate driver circuit? Why we want of gate driver circuit?
  • What's switch on and switch of your time of semiconductor products?
  • What's pulse width modulation? What's duty cycle? How you can generate PWM?
  • What's warmth sink? Using warmth sink for defense?
  • What exactly are snubber circuits ? And just how for their services?

I'll attempt to publish articles on above subjects later on 1 by 1. For update about above articles sign up for our blog to obtain updates inside your email mailbox or keep going to our website.

Semester level energy electronics projects :

They are semester level energy electronics projects to obtain began to understand energy electronics.

  1. Full wave rectifier for inductive load
  2. Battery charge using full wave rectification
  3. Square wave inverter using Sg3525 and pic microcontroller
  4. Thryistor firing position control circuit using pic microcontroller
  5. Variable PWM using pic microcontroller
  6. Variable PWM using analog electronics
  7. Half bridge
  8. fly back ripper tools design
  9. Forward ripper tools design
  10. Half wave controlled rectification using thyristor and pic microcontroller
  11. Full wave controlled rectification

Final year projects on energy electronics :

  1. Square wave inverter using pic microcontroller
  2. transformerless inverter using sg3525 and pic microcontroller
  3. Soft starter for induction machines
  4. Wind charge controller
  5. Inverter for wind
  6. multilevel inverters
  7. AC current remotes
  8. Variable frequency motorists
  9. Static switches using thyristor
  10. Static transfer switch using thyristor and pic microcontroller
  11. Solid condition relays
  12. Flexible AC transmission system
  13. Different current level Switch mode energy supplies
  14. Electricity motor motorists
  15. AC motor motorists
  16. Power grid tie inverter
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