Industrial Automation companies in USA

September 7, 2022
QEI is the oldest and most

Bombardier TransportationThe Proud Company supplies automation solutions and controls to a few of the leading industrial and technology companies on the planet, for example:


The Proud Company has very useful, residents and cutting-edge technology to assist my opportunity with automation issues, that has assisted us compete within the automation industry. They're always prepared to help in a moment’s notice.–Scott B., Tech Sales &lifier Engineering Manager

Joy Mining MachineryThings I believe separates The Proud Company using their company suppliers is they don’t give excuses, they offer solutions. They answer the issue: ‘How can one solve this issue?’–Pat Q., Mechanical Engineer

I had been extremely pleased with the standard of labor in the Proud Company. The work that Proud handled for all of us needed lots of versatility and timing.GE Energy They labored around our needs making a tough project exercise easily. The end result was great.–Jeff M., GM

Thank you for getting me the information required for the fuses. I appreciate the energy you've made for me personally around the fringe of a lengthy weekend. Others may haven't adopted through for me personally as if you did. And So I send a large because of you for income congratulations. –Rod G., Maintenance Engineer

The Proud Company is a reliable partner, dealing with us to guarantee the solutions that people provide our clients are generally economical and meet or exceed all of our technical needs.–Lou B., Engineer

Columbia Gas of Ohio PGW Ansaldo STS USA Inc. US Steel

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ICP DAS USA: Manufacturer of Industrial Data Acquisition
ICP DAS USA: Manufacturer of Industrial Data Acquisition ...
Embedded Solution for Industrial Automation & Communication
Embedded Solution for Industrial Automation & Communication
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