School of Engineering and Computer Science

August 4, 2019
Ritchie School of Engineering

12165984894_e6de5f4a56_oThe department laptop or computer science is located in the College of Denver’s School of Engineering and Information Technology. The college reflects two university’s most powerful traditions: academic integrity along with a dedication to meeting student needs with dynamic new programs.

We're strong in research especially noted in software engineering, information privacy and security, and humane gaming.

A lot of our other outstanding advantages include:

  • Small classes trained by faculty, not teaching assistants
  • An up-to-date curriculum which includes classes in modern software engineering,
  • Web technology according to Linux and Microsoft servers and programs, Java, multimedia, traveling with a laptop, systems, databases, cyber security and video game development
  • Students who produce a peer culture based on high anticipation
  • A little yet vital PhD program that improves the department’s intellectual atmosphere

In the College of Colorado, you'll find possibilities to analyze, study leading-edge technology and tools, and gain integrated understanding. We stress interdisciplinary programs, which means you you will need to meet career challenges round the office or, when you purchase, all over the world.

Additionally, Colorado is really a first-rate place for internships and jobs, in addition to business and government close ties. The campus is simply minutes in the Colorado Technological Center — the place to find many top tech companies — so we enjoy sweeping sights from the Rocky Mountain tops.

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