Cambridge Semantics

Cambridge semantics

Cambridge Semantics Inc., The Smart Data Company™™, allows IT departments and their business users to semantically link, analyze and manage diverse data whether internal or external, structured or unstructured, with speed, at big data scale and at the fraction of the implementation costs of using traditional approaches.

Anzo Smart Data Platform™

Enterprises create or customize Smart Data solutions, based on the Anzo Smart Data Platform. Enterprise IT groups supporting business units use our software to create or customize analytics solutions that integrate with existing IT infrastructure to address varied investigative analytics, search and discovery, risk and compliance needs. Core infrastructure supporting enterprise IT groups use our software to create solutions to simplify and automate data management in the enterprise, improve governance and increasingly to simplify and improve the ease of use of data stored in big data systems.

Anzo Smart Data Platform uses industry-defined semantic models developed by various industry groups or company-defined models to link and manage diverse data. The semantic models are graph models. They allow for the data to be linked by business concepts and meaning and allow for the metadata to travel with the data.

The Anzo Smart Data platform was built for easy integration and use of third party software modules to provide additional value-add capabilities. Cambridge Semantics has already integrated software modules from a variety of vendors and partners to allow for improved crawling, analytics, text processing, machine learning, and language translation. Enterprises can use these modules to improve their analytics and data processing.

Anzo Smart Data Solutions

Smart Data solutions based on these models allow for

  • live data integration
  • compliance with industry standards
  • improved end-user self-service to search, curate, analyze, collaborate, integrate additional data via spreadsheets or other means, and push analyzed & curated data to other systems
  • easy evolution of the solutions as business needs change

Anzo Smart Data solutions can be deployed behind the firewall or hosted in the cloud. These solutions meet or exceed enterprise security, back-up and governance needs. The business understanding of the models allow for improved user understanding of enterprise data and improved data governance. The graph nature provides for iterative investigative analytics. The metadata traveling with the data allows for better data lineage and provenance along with other benefits.

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