Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering

January 22, 2016


The little classes at Lawrence Tech permit you to really become familiar with your professors. The depth and breadth of the experience really was surprising and advantageous.” Sarah Witting, BSCE’06, MSECE’07, Engineer, Nissan Technical Center

Computer engineers play an important role within the design and upkeep of large systems that need sophisticated control, including aircraft, automobiles, medical instrumentation, telecommunication systems, and factory automation. They're a driving pressure behind the majority of today’s technology, including wireless communications, along with the growth of computer systems into all areas of everyday existence, they continue being in great demand. Computer engineers design tech-nology for a multitude of consumer, industrial, commercial, and military programs. Transportation, electronic devices, aerospace, robotics – they are a couple of from the industries that hire large amounts laptop or computer engineers.

The Bs in Computer Engineering program at Lawrence Technological College combines the very best of electrical engineering and information technology. Become familiar with the basic principles of circuits, systems, and software connected with the style of prrr-rrrglable systems employed for general purpose computing, communications, control, or signal processing. As the program provides a strong foundation in information technology and electrical engineering, you'll study mathematics and physics, which broaden your understanding and knowledge of the pc engineering area. Advanced courses offer you depth in selected areas and contact with the concept of engineering design, and you may take specialized elective courses in a number of areas. Computer engineering students will also be situated to pursue graduate programs either in information technology or electrical engineering.

Computer engineers need knowledge of both software and hardware facets of computer systems, along with the capability to blend the 2 to produce optimum system designs. With this thought, Lawrence Tech’s Bs in Computer Engineering program provides you with several courses that deal particularly using the challenge of integrated product design. Additionally towards the electrical engineering and information technology core, this program includes one math/science elective, two electrical engineering electives, and something computer engineering elective. The capstone senior project spans two semesters and requires the design, construction, and testing of the computer-engineering innovation. Past student projects include building computer controls for any jet engine, a pc-controlled on-board tire inflator, a fireplace-fighting robot, along with a keyless door-entry system.

The pc engineering program is accredited through the Accreditation Board for Engin-eering and Technology.

Why LTU?

The Bs in Computer Engineering program at Lawrence Tech combines academic excellence with an abundance of working experience. Co-op programs and industry-backed projects offer valuable contacts with leading companies and allow you to mix compensated on-the-job knowledge about college. You may also have fun playing the Lear Business Program, which concentrates on what must be done to produce, promote, and market items and services. An execllent chance may be the Global Engineering program, which arranges that you should work and focus abroad – a particularly valuable experience of planning you to definitely compete inside a global economy.


Curriculum Flowchart

Your 132-credit-hour program includes:

Newcomer Year


Course Number Subject Cr. Several hours.
College Seminar
British Composition
Concepts of Financial aspects
comp-eng-under-2.jpgCalculus 1
College Chemistry 1
College Chemistry 1 Lab
Fund. of Engr. Design Projects


World Works of art 1
Technical &lifier Prof. Communication
Calculus 2
Information Technology 1
Engr. Computer Programs Lab
Intro. to ECE
Sophomore Year
World Works of art 2
Calculus 3
Fundamentals of Amer. Exp.
College Physics 1
College Physics 1 Lab
Information Technology 2
Leadership Models &lifier Practices
Differential Equations
Discrete Math
College Physics 2
College Physics 2 Lab
Circuits Lab
Engineering Cost Analysis
Junior Year
Data Structures
Probability &lifier Statistics
Growth and development of Amer. Exp.
Signals &lifier Systems
Digital Electronics and Lab
Microprocessors Lab
Electronics Lab
Adv. Digital Electronics
Adv. Digital Electronics Lab
Project Management Software
Senior Year
Embedded Systems
Control Systems and Lab
Strategic Business Plans
Intro. to ECE Projects
Computer Engr. Projects 1
Computer Architecture 1
Leadership Capstone
EEE 4xx3* EE Technical Elective*
EEE 4xx1 EE Lab
Computer Engr. Projects 2
MCS XXX3** Comp. Science Technical Elective**
Real-time Systems
LLT/SSC/PSY 3XX3/4XX3 Junior/Senior Elective

* A listing of electrical engineering technical electives can be obtained in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Room E217.

** all 4000 or 5000 level MCS lecture classes are allowed. Check out the program catalog to examine course specific prerequisite needs or talk to the Department of Mathematics and Information Technology

Dual majors is going to be allowed numerous alternatives as authorized by the department chair in line with accreditation needs.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Experts

A lot of students must have an consultant-approved Plan of labor. Students should contact the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Room E217, for his or her designated faculty consultant.

Final results + Objectives

Program Educational Objectives

The Pc Engineering program prepares graduates to:

  1. apply problem fixing and demanding judgement abilities needed of competent people within an progressively technological society.
  2. undertake entry-level engineering projects in local industry.
  3. grow in competence and responsibility.
  4. undertake graduate studies.

Student Final results

All computer engineering graduates should have

  • the capability to use understanding of mathematics, science, and engineering
  • the capability to create and conduct experiments, in addition to evaluate and interpret data
  • the capability to create a pc system, component, or tactic to meet preferred needs within realistic constraints, for example economic, environment, social, political, ethical, safety and health, manufacturability, and sustainability
  • the capability to operate on multidisciplinary teams
  • the capability to recognize, formulate, and solve computer engineering problems
  • an awareness of professional a moral responsibility
  • the capability to speak effectively
  • the broad education essential to comprehend the impact of engineering solutions inside a global, economic, environment, and social context
  • a recognition from the need form and skill to take part in, long term learning
  • a understanding of recent issues
  • the capability to make use of the strategy, abilities, and modern engineering tools essential for computer engineering practice

Graduates having a degree in Computer Engineering have numerous career options:

Computer systems/Electronics
Studium Bachelor of Engineering Elektrotechnik
Studium Bachelor of Engineering Elektrotechnik
Hayley- Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)
Hayley- Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)
B.S. in Computer Engineering
B.S. in Computer Engineering
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