Computer Engineering Hardware design

March 1, 2022

Computer Engineering is the use of technology within the synthesis of systems for control, computation and communication. Overlaping with information technology on a single finish (software systems) with electrical engineering alternatively (digital hardware), the emphasis in our program is on design instead of theory. The pc engineering program, resulting in a b -.Utes. degree in computer engineering, continues to be accredited since 1988 through the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET. The program’s focus on problem fixing provides both excellent practicing future engineers along with a strong background for graduate study.Students begin their studies with courses in mathematics, physics and programming then courses in logic design, circuits and microprocessor systems. Students choose certainly one of five specialized tracks after which develop a capstone multi-disciplinary team project with students in other areas or majors.

Systems Programming

The systems programming concentration concentrates on software systems: courses include os's, systems, compilers, software engineering, and advanced programming. Students finishing this concentration are very ready for building large software systems of all. This concentration may be the nearest someone to a pc science major-the primary variations are that it doesn't require information technology theory courses, but due to the main computer engineering needs, includes more hardware and electronics than the usual information technology bachelor's degree.

Robotics and Control

This concentration covers the hardware, software, realizing, and control facets of autonomous and embedded systems. Students receive learning the idea, design, and realization of complex systems for example mobile robots. The concentration stresses integration of embedded software with hardware systems that communicate with the atmosphere.

Personal Computers

The pc systems concentration supplies a balance between hardware and software design. Students are ready for quite a number of various design tasks, especially individuals needing the mixing of hardware, software and network systems, but might need further practicing any particular specialty area.


The systems concentration concentrates on communication between computer systems, covering network hardware, communication methods, and calculations. Students going after this concentration are very well ready for the look and analysis of wireless and wired network systems. Internship possibilities can be found in UCSC's Network Management and Procedures Lab, where UCSC students collaborate with 'cisco' Systems, Corporation. on projects.

Digital Hardware

Digital hardware concentration concentrates on hardware design and includes more electronics compared to other levels. Students finishing this concentration are very well ready for building hardware systems. This concentration may be the nearest someone to an electronics major the primary variations are that it doesn't require just as much electronics theory or analog electronic design, but due to the main computer engineering needs, requires more software abilities.

M.S. Degree

Many computer engineering students continue the amount with the M.S. degree. The Department laptop or computer Engineering provides an faster combined B.S./M.S. degree in computer engineering that allows qualified undergraduates to maneuver the whole time towards the graduate program. Interested computer engineering majors should contact their agent for additional particulars. The graduate program from the Department laptop or computer Engineering also provides both standard M.S. and also the Ph.D. levels.


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