Computer Engineering Technology Major

July 4, 2015
ET senior project display

Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology, B.S.

Accredited through the Engineering Technology Accreditation Comission of ABET,

ECET Student The Bs Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology (ECET) is made for students who love computer systems and just how they work and care more about programs than design.

The ECET major develops experience of applied mathematics, science, and computer engineering technology. These courses will stress integration of theory and hands-on programs.

The ECET program is accredited through the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET. The program stresses using microcomputers to resolve industrial problems relevant to automation, instrumentation and control in systems including robotics, data communications, systems, and/or automated testing. In most cases, microcomputer software and hardware can be used for data acquisition, transfer and analysis.

Mission Statement, Program Educational Objectives, &lifier Student Final results

We invite you to understand more about the Electrical and Computer Engineering Program through our Mission Statement, Program Educational Objectives, &lifier Student Final results, or review recent Annual Student Enrollment and Graduation Data.

Curriculum and Course Explanations

You'll find curriculum and course explanations within the WCU Catalog for that academic year that you are accepted. The ECET Eight-Semester Plan (PDF) indicates the succession of courses needed for any Baloney degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology. You can also make use of the degree audit function on my small Cat.

Senior Capstone Project

Included in the Kimmel School’s concentrate on project-based learning, ECET students are needed to sign up inside a two-semester senior capstone project. Working underneath the guidance of college and mentors, groups of two-to-four senior citizens tackle complex challenges suggested by project sponsors. The teams make use of a stage/gate tactic to set specific goals, due dates and deliverables that culminate in fully examined items, concepts or new understanding that project sponsors may use for practical reasons or develop further.

Counseling and Course Registration

To actually remain on track together with your classes for graduation, it's significantly vital that you talk with your faculty consultant on Counseling Day or at the outset of each semester. Your faculty consultant can offer probably the most accurate details about the needs of the degree. Your consultant may also supply the ALT PIN you'll want to be able to sign up for classes through My Cat.

Career Possibilities

A diploma in ECET will get you prepared for jobs for example:

  • System Administrator
  • Network Specialist
  • System Engineer
  • Programs Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Information Technologist
  • Technical and Computer Salesman.

If you'd like to begin home talking to and repair business or own/run a cybercafe after graduation, attempt to add entrepreneurship or business courses through WCU’s College of economic.

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