Engineering Computer programs

September 21, 2022
Engineering Computer Programs

Given by both Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Departments via a joint Computer Engineering Committee. Student records are stored within the Electrical Engineering Department.

1300 S. W. Mudd, MC 4712

450 Information Technology

Phone: 212-854-3105

In Control

Charles A. Zukowski, 1026 CEPSR


Luca Carloni, Connect Professor laptop or computer Science

Stephen A. Edwards, Connect Professor laptop or computer Science

Martha A. Kim, Assistant Professor laptop or computer Science

Vishal Misra, Connect Professor laptop or computer Science

Steven M. Nowick, Professor laptop or computer Science

Daniel Rubenstein, Connect Professor laptop or computer Science

Mingoo Seok, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

Simha Sethumadhavan, Connect Professor laptop or computer Science

Kenneth L. Shepard, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering

Stephen H. Unger, Professor Emeritus laptop or computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Charles A. Zukowski, Professor of Electrical Engineering

Gil Zussman, Connect Professor of Electrical Engineering

The pc engineering program operates collectively through the Information Technology and Electrical Engineering departments. It provides both B.S. and M.S. levels.

This program covers a number of engineering’s most active, exciting, and demanding areas, which lie in the interface between CS and EE. The main focus from the major is on personal computers including both digital software and hardware.

A few of the key subjects covered are computer design (i.e., computer architecture) embedded systems (i.e., the style of devoted hardware/software for mobile phones, automobiles, robots, games, and aerospace) digital and VLSI circuit design computer systems design automation (i.e., CAD) and parallel and distributed systems (including architectures, programming, and compilers).

The undergraduate major includes one substantial senior design course, either creating a whole microprocessor (EECS E4340), or perhaps an embedded system (CSEE W4840) (including both hardware and software components), or supplying hands-on experience of creating and taking advantage of a pc network (CSEE W4140).

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