College of Engineering and Computer Science

September 23, 2022
FAU College of Engineering

The School of Engineering and Information Technology provides a range of professional programs in information technology, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering.

Regions of study

Admittance to the school of Engineering and Information Technology is dependant on standardized test scores (Sitting or ACT) and particular senior high school course work grades. Minimum acceptable test scores are 1400 around the Three-part Sitting or 20 around the ACT. Minimum senior high school preparation must range from the following:

  • Three-and-one-half many years of mathematics composed of 2 yrs of algebra, twelve months of plane geometry, and something-half year of trigonometry (or equivalent) by having an average grade of B
  • 2 yrs of science including a minumum of one year of chemistry having a laboratory as well as an average grade of B
  • 4 years of British
  • Candidates whose native language isn't British must acquire a score of 550 around the TOEFL exam.


Dr. Phil Gerhart

Koch Center 250A


Assistant towards the Dean

Ms. Kimberly Higgins

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