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September 9, 2022
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CHANDLER, Ariz., August 14, 2015 – Jolene Begay is president of Intel’s Native American Network, Arizona chapter, and an engineering technician for Intel’s Assembly & Test Technology Development Module. Intel’s Native American Network showcases the diversity of Native American culture among Intel employees. PHOTO CREDIT: Intel CorporationToday marks the 70th anniversary of Japan’s surrender towards the Allies in The Second World War, a pivotal moment in world history. However, you might not realize that August 14 is another national day's commemoration praising Indian heroes who performed a vital role within this victory and through the war: the Navajo Code Talkers.

Employed in 1942 to build up and employ a secret code in line with the Navajo language, the Navajo Code Talkers’ courage and resourcefulness saved 1000's of yankee lives and assisted turn the tide from the war within the Off-shore. In the Fight of Iwo Jima, the Navajo Code Talkers shipped greater than 800 encoded messages sending information about troop actions and area procedures. Within the words of fifth Marine Division signal officer Howard Connor, “were it not for that Navajos, the Marine corps would not took Iwo Jima.”

To acknowledge the contributions from the Navajo Code Talkers and continue their legacy, Apple is proud to aid Science Foundation Arizona’s Code Talkers to Code Authors Initiative, lately introduced by Arizona Condition Senator Carlyle Begay. The Code Talkers to Code Authors Initiative is really a unique program made to create paths to information technology and engineering for Navajo students. Similar to the Navajo Code Talkers designed their very own code and produced a different way of interacting with the Navajo language, these students will become familiar with to complete exactly the same through information technology and engineering.

Within the next 3 years, Apple invested $250Thousand each year at three Arizona high schools within the Navajo Nation: Chinle Senior High School, Monument Valley Senior High School along with a third school that'll be introduced later on. Apple works with Science Foundation Arizona to apply an extensive education transformation plan at these schools which includes:

  • Enhanced information technology curriculum choices and teacher professional development
  • Student-centered services for example hands-on support outdoors of faculty hrs and summer time bridge programs to reduce “summer brain drain”
  • Abilities-based volunteering, teaching and coaching from Apple employees who're people from the Apple Indian Network – a number of whom attended these Navajo Nation high schools

With the Code Talkers to Code Authors Initiative, we goal to aid and strengthen the Navajo community in Arizona – a condition that's the place to find our biggest factory sites, in addition to 81% of Indigenous Peoples – and open an enormous amount of options for Navajo youth. Our hope is this fact initiative will encourage these students’ curiosity about information technology and engineering expand their understanding of education and career options and give them the assets, access and guidance they have to achieve their full potential.

Apple thinks that science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) may have a major impact on the lives of youthful people, that we will tell you from firsthand experience – my decision to pursue a job in engineering powered me from poverty and transformed my existence forever. Should you earn a pc science or engineering degree, where or the way you was raised makes no difference – employment is going to be awaiting you.

My friend Jolene Begay, an Apple engineer and leader of Apple Indian Network’s Arizona chapter, also knows the vital need for this initiative on the personal level:

“Like a number of these students, I was raised in Chinle, Arizona in the middle of the Navajo Nation. I have seen the way the challenges of reservation existence – from economic difficulty to insufficient assets – can prevent Navajo youth from reaching their full potential. I additionally know firsthand just how much educational possibilities and contact with STEM can really make a difference within their lives – for me personally, learning some fundamental programming within my sixth grade computer class was the catalyst that sparked my curiosity about technology and set me on the road to just as one engineer.”

The Code Talkers to Code Authors Initiative is an essential component of Intel’s $300 million dedication to strengthen the pc science and engineering pipeline for ladies and underrepresented unprivileged while increasing diversity within the tech industry in general. Once we try to achieve full representation of ladies and underrepresented unprivileged within our labor force, employing and retaining Indian employees remains a high priority. Through this initiative, hopefully to succeed our efforts to attain full representation of Indigenous Peoples at Apple which help fill the tech pipeline with diverse students, which we feel is crucial to fostering future makers and leaders who'll produce the technology of tomorrow.

Being an Apple worker, I’m proud to get results for a business along with a Boss which has made this type of strong dedication to diversity and it is making demonstrable progress toward these important goals. If you are wondering much more about Intel’s progress on diversity up to now, our lately launched mid-year diversity report can be obtained here.

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