Computer Science Engineering salary in USA

February 25, 2022
Computer engineering salary

Computer science engineers examine chip quality with a microscope.Information technology engineers examine nick quality having a microscope.

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Information technology engineers, also called hardware engineers, plan, create and try out the physical aspects of personal computers, including circuits, network boards and hubs. Additionally they oversee manufacture of both prototypes and final items. Remarkable ability to resolve information technology problems allows rapid advances in computer systems. Their salaries rely on companies and locations.


The greatest salaries for information technology engineers exceeded $147, 610 yearly, or $58.99 each hour, as the cheapest compensation fell below $62, 400 each year, or $30 hourly, by May 2011, states the Bls. However, mean wages of these 71, 990 professionals was $101, 360 each year, or $48.73 each hour. Their pay exceeded the typical wages for those architecture and engineering jobs, that was $77, 120 yearly, or $37.08 each hour. Additionally, it was greater compared to average for those computer and math jobs, that was a yearly $78, 730, or hourly $37.85.


Personal computers design and related services were the very best companies laptop or computer science engineers, including almost 20 % from the total positions, with average wages of $100, 030 each year, or $48.09 each hour. Other industries rich in amounts of employment were producers of semiconductors along with other electronic components, computer and peripheral manufacturing, scientific development and research, and producers of navigational, calculating, electromedical and control instruments. The greatest mean wages were with specialized design services in an annual $124, 540, or $59.88 each hour.

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The condition most abundant in jobs for information technology engineers was California, with almost 27 percent from the jobs and mean salaries at $112, 960 each year, or $54.31 each hour. Texas was next with 11 percent from the positions and mean wages in an annual $99, 280, or $47.73 hourly. Maryland rated third with five percent from the jobs and average compensation at $98, 470 each year, or $47.34 each hour. Ranking at the very top for pay was Michigan, calculating $119, 240 yearly, or $57.33 hourly, then California. The District of Columbia, that the BLS classified with states, placed third with means at $111, 150 each year, or $53.44 each hour.

Other Jobs

The word information technology engineer sometimes describes software designers, or software engineers, who produce the software that turns hardware into helpful products. Individuals concentrating in systems software get the os's, compilers and network distribution software that permit programs to talk with the pc. They provided a typical $100, 420 each year, or $48.28 each hour. Individuals concentrating on programs software create programs that permit customers to do tasks for example organizing database information, developing spreadsheet budgets or playing entertainment program. They averaged $92, 080 yearly, or $44.27 hourly.

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