ECA Electronic Engineering

July 29, 2020

This program seeks to prepare students for developing their careers within the area of “Electronics and Communication engineering”. Digital Signal Processing in telecommunication has witnessed explosive growth throughout yesteryear 2 decades, as phenomenal advances in the study and application happen to be made. Advances in digital computer systems and software development happen to be the Motivating factors with this growth.


  • For offering social relevant graduate education in engineering.
  • For offering industry relevant training.
  • For creating entrepreneurs of tomorrow by realizing talent and incubating.
  • For taking care of talent through utmost student care.

The indicative content covers the next four major regions of Electronics and communication engineering.

  • Wireless, Mobile &lifier Optical communications
  • VLSI System Design
  • Digital signal processing and programs
  • Real-time embedded systems

The scholars will gain the Capacity to apply wireless &lifier fiber optic programs associated with Wireless and Optical communications are a couple of mutually complimentary technologies which are altering the face area of communication technologies today. Wireless technologies are basically utilized in an access network that compliments a fiber optic backbone network. A radio access network provides mobility and supports acceptable data rates for voice, data and video. The "nick", now commonplace both at home and at the office has become progressively modern-day. Major systems are now being built-into single, complex Very Massive Integration (VLSI) circuits. Mixed digital and analog systems are growing in recognition to ensure that sensors of signals could be integrated using their processors. Engineers operating within this area have been in very great demand within the microelectronics and VLSI industry.

This stresses to know and evaluate digital signals produced from various real existence signals. It provides an extensive look at processing digital signals, imaging techniques and it is processing calculations and image standards. The program also stresses the style of DSP based systems using DSP processors. The academic experience allows the scholars to attain a built-in knowledge of the present approaches for processing digital image and digital signals.

The Actual Time Embedded Systems can give students capacity to create and develop embedded systems thinking about both software and hardware area of the design. On hardware side they'll be learning various popular processor architecture and hardware subsystem design. On software side they'll be learning modeling of software, utilization of tools readily available for developing software. Besides they may also be researching networking, security facets of embedded systems, Embedded DSP, recognizing the Control system with Embedded Technology and System on Prrr-rrrglable Nick to know generation x Embedded systems.

Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering
Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering ...
Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Network and Telecommunications Engineering Technology Diploma
Network and Telecommunications Engineering Technology Diploma
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