Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians

May 26, 2022
Electrical and electronics

ARE YOU MECHANICALLY INCLINED? DO YOU ENJOY WORKING WITH YOUR HANDS, TROUBLESHOOTING AND REPAIRING EQUIPMENT? IF SO, THEN WHY NOT EARN A GOOD LIVING DOING WHAT YOU ENJOY BY BECOMING AN ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN! Electrical and electronic engineering technicians, commonly known as instrumentation and electrical (I&E) technicians, are a must-have when it comes to the continued operation of many businesses. They install, maintain, and repair automated equipment vital to functioning of manufacturing and industrial plants as well as for pipeline systems and power generation companies and many other high tech operations. Electrical and electronic engineering technicians are in constant demand in the Gulf Coast region. The demand for electrical and electronic technicians translates into outstanding career opportunities for individuals entering into the workforce as well as individuals with an electronic background looking to change careers.

Are You Currently Robotically INCLINED? Would You Enjoy Dealing With Both Hands, TROUBLESHOOTING AND REPAIRING EQUIPMENT?

If that's the case, then why don't you earn a great living doing that which you enjoy by just as one Electrical Engineering Specialist!

Electrical and electronic engineering specialists, generally referred to as instrumentation and electrical (I&E) specialists, really are a must-have if this involves the ongoing operation of numerous companies. They install, maintain, and repair automated equipment fundamental to functioning of producing and industrial plants too for pipeline systems and energy generation companies and lots of other hi-tech procedures. Electrical and electronic engineering specialists have been in constant demand within the Gulf Coast region. The interest in electrical and electronic specialists means outstanding career possibilities for people getting into the labor force in addition to people by having an electronic background searching to alter careers.

Electrical &lifier Electronic Engineering Specialists earn a typical annual earnings of nearly $65Thousand each year within the Gulf Coast Region!

They're available at a number of industries using the biggest number working at various companies.

Path to Just as one I&E Specialist

Additionally to some senior high school diploma or perhaps a GED, companies generally require an associate's degree in instrumentation technology, industrial technology, and industrial control or related. As machinery will get increasingly more complex, it's becoming progressively hard to enter this area without formal training. Electrical and electronics engineering specialists are generally needed to have the ability to read schematics and blueprints, calibrate instruments, and perform component level troubleshooting. Within the Gulf Coast region, you will find two choices for acquiring training:

  • Training programs at postsecondary vocational/technical schools
  • Training programs at community schools

High schools might also offer related programs even though they vary in scope. Senior high school programs are an resource offering introducing the abilities from the trade. People finishing related senior high school training be more effective ready for effective completing more intensive career preparation at vocational schools and community schools.

The Gulf Coast Region needs 165 new Electrical & Electronic Engineering Technicians every yearLicense and Certification Needs

Most companies require NCCER instrument specialist certification or perhaps a combined industrial maintenance electrical and instruments specialist certification. More information could be acquired in the National Center for Construction Education and Research.

Many positions involve electrical work and wish permission. Kinds of licenses change from a student to some master electrical installer.

Planning for any Career being an Electrical Engineering Specialist*

ninth Grade

Recommended Training

British I

World Geography

Career-Related Electives:
Concepts of producing
or Energy, Energy and
Transportation Systems

Algebra I

Languages apart from British I

There are expected to be nearly 5, 000 Electrical & Electronic Engineering Technicians in the Gulf Coast region by 2022.Biology

Health/PE or Equivalent

tenth Grade

British II

World History

Career-Related Electives:


Languages apart from British II


eleventh Grade

British III

U . s . States History

Career-Related Electives:
Advanced Welding or Practicum
in Manufacturing

Algebra II

Professional Communications


twelfth Grade

British IV

Government/Financial aspects

Career-Related Electives:
Manufacturing Engineering or
Research and style
or Engineering Mathematics


Fine Arts

Engineering design and Problem Fixing

Gulf Coast Region Electrical Engineering Specialist Programs

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(Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
EEE(Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
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