Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Online

November 26, 2021
What it costs

An electronics degree can offer an optimistic jolt for your generating energy and career potential. Connect to those benefits at Excelsior College by having an online Bs in Electrical Engineering Technology (Electronics).

Among the nation's top teachers of working grown ups, Excelsior allows you to definitely earn a certified, online electrical engineering degree rapidly, easily, and inexpensively. You'll get it done by:

  • Taking online electronics courses by yourself schedule, so that they don't hinder work and family obligations.
  • Making the most of the need for your transfer credits from accredited schools, departing you with less courses to accomplish the bachelor's of electrical engineering technology degree.
  • Generating academic credit for qualified types of military training and job experience.
  • Having to pay affordable tuition and occasional student costs that suit affordable. (What's going to it cost? Obtain the hard amounts.)
  • Getting outstanding academic support from Excelsior's award-winning experts.

An Adaptable, Affordable Road to a certified Electrical Engineering Degree

With accreditation from ABET, Excelsior's online bachelor's of electrical engineering technology program meets the greatest standards of educational quality and rigor.

You'll take dynamic courses that reflect probably the most up-to-date industry practices and therefore are brought beginning with-rate professors with years of professional experience. Excelsior's online electrical engineering technology degree program cultivates knowledge of subjects for example:

  • Digital electronics
  • Microprocessors
  • Business data communications
  • Computer-programming
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Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Online (2+2)
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering Online (2+2)
Graduation, Electrical Engineering Bachelor of Science at UW
Graduation, Electrical Engineering Bachelor of Science at UW
Electronic Engineering
Electronic Engineering
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