Electrical and Computer Engineering Rankings

November 26, 2021
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Three students at a study table in the newly remodeled Mechanical Engineering Building atrium.Ratings

In the newest U.S. News &lifier World Report ratings of the greatest engineering graduate schools, the UW-Madison College of Engineering is #14. In the undergraduate level, the school can also be #14.

Undergraduate program ratings

  • Biomedical engineering—#17
  • Chemical engineering—#6
  • Civil engineering—#12
  • Computer engineering—#13
  • Electrical engineering—#14
  • Industrial/manufacturing engineering—#9
  • Materials engineering—#17
  • Mechanical engineering—#14
  • Nuclear engineering—#2

With possibilities to review under worldwide famous faculty and research staff in highly rated programs, our graduated pupils are some of the world's elite. They're highly searched for for faculty positions at major colleges as well as for leadership and technical roles in government and industry.

Graduate program ratings

  • Biomedical engineering—#23
  • Civil engineering—#15
  • Computer engineering—#16
  • Electrical engineering—#18
  • Engineering Professional Development, distance degrees—#6
  • Environment engineering—#20
  • Industrial/manufacturing engineering—#10
  • Materials engineering—#15
  • Mechanical engineering—#13
  • Nuclear engineering—#3

Students at a career fair.UW-Madison regularly receives multiple accolades—among them, 25th worldwide, fourth across the country in research costs, and eighth state-of-the-art college across the country.

Atrium within the Mechanical Engineering Building.

Career services

The school Engineering Career Services team works year-round for connecting engineering companies with gifted students and alumni seeking internships, co-operative educational encounters, and professional positions. Work yearly coordinates two major career festivals that draw 100s of companies and 1000's of scholars.

Just before their graduation, roughly 85 % of bachelor’s degree readers complete a minumum of one internship or co-operative experience.

Student interns or co-operations earn, normally, 75 % of the full-time engineering salary and gain valuable real-world experience.

Engineering Career Services works together with nearly 2Thousand companies.

Annual enrollment

  • Roughly 5Thousand undergraduate students
  • Roughly 1, 600 graduated pupils
  • Roughly 11Thousand professional engineering education students

Faculty excellence

  • 30 professors named towards the National Academy of Engineering
  • 4 professors named towards the Nas
  • 2 professors named towards the Institute of drugs
  • 120+ faculty readers of National Science Foundation Presidential Youthful Investigator, PECASE, or CAREER honours.

Research excellence

  • 163 invention reports towards the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation in 2014
  • 15 consecutive years in excess of 100 patent reports
  • 40+ research centers
  • 20+ research consortia using more than 280 industrial and governmental people
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Source: www.engr.wisc.edu
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