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August 25, 2022
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CC - CAER LogoCourse Overview: This program is really a full scope, insider’s take a look at cyber security rules for nuclear energy generation facilities, its effect on the convergence of reactor programs and practices, today’s challenges threatening industry-wide compliance, and just how alignment using the U.S. Nuclear Regulating Commission (NRC) for that protection of critical systems and assets from cyber attacks is better accomplished.

Who Should Attend: Not one other course supplies a more objective, independent take a look at what must be done to exercise the most difficult industrial automation cyber security rules on the planet. Individuals seeking a far more thorough understanding of the initial characteristics and challenges of safeguarding industrial automation systems and equipment with these high reliability, safety-focused conditions will discover this program both useful and instructive.


Mr. William “Tim” Shaw. Mr. Shaw offers over 35 experience in computer-based data acquisition, automation and communications. He presently works as a Cyber Security Architect for Marly, Incorporated supporting cyber security regulating programs for that commercial nuclear energy sector. Within this role he provides subject material expertise for regulating initiatives regulating the security of business nuclear facilities from cyber based risks, in compliance with NRC’s cyber security guide. He's the previous CTO for Swantech, called the Leader and founding father of Hathaway Industrial Automation (initially Tate Integrated Systems) and EMC Systems. He's an authentic person in the ISA’s SP-88 committee, and presently functions being an auditor from the SP-88, SP-99 and SP-100 committees. Mr. Shaw is another released author, and adjunct professor in the College of Kansas.

Mr. Michael Shinn. Mr. Shinn may be the Boss of Prometheus Global Corporation, and works as a subject material expert for cyber security regulating programs available nuclear energy sector, including regulating oversight and guide initiatives connected with commercial nuclear reactors and nuclear fuel cycle facilities. He offers over two decades of professional experience of business procedures, regulation and technology with subspecialties in risk management, regulating matters, security and technology development. Mr. Shinn would be a technical cause of RG 5.71 and rater of myriad industry guides on cyber security programs and practices concentrating on 10 CFR 73.54. He's a released author, and mix-sector thought leader on cyber security among industries throughout critical infrastructure.


$3, 300/ person


Participants get an electronic copy obviously presentations. (.pdf)

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